Any person using kayaks built and/or sold by Midwest Watercraft Company is personally responsible for determining that their abilities are equal or superior to the conditions encountered and exercising proper judgment in choice of where and when to paddle.

Any person using Midwest Watercraft Company kayaks assumes all risks and takes complete responsibility for any and all damages, or injuries, including death, which may result from use of or participation in Midwest Watercraft Company kayaks.

Consult your physician prior to beginning your paddlesport training



  • Wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device(PFD).
  • Wear a helmet when paddling whitewater or in the ocean.
  • Get paddlesports instruction from a licensed or certified instructor.
  • Dress appropriately for weather conditions.
  • Check you equipment prior to each use for signs of wear or failure.
  • Scout unfamiliar waters.If necessary, paddle to shore and carry your boat past uncertain areas.
  • Stay aware of appropriate river water levels, tidal changes,dangerous currents,and weather changes.
  • Follow manufacturer's recommendation for use and outfitting of your kayak.
  • Leave your paddling location and agenda with someone at home before departing.
  • Obtain certified first aid and rescue training and carry first aid and rescue equipment.


  • Never exceed your ability and assess how far and how long you can paddle or swim.
  • Never paddle alone.
  • Never consume alcohol,drugs or any other substance that may affect your coordination,judgment,or ability when paddling.
  • Never paddle in flood conditions.
  • Never allow minors to use the boat without adult supervision.
  • Avoid bracing yourself in the kayak in such a way that you have to release any outfitting to escape.
  • Do not impair entry or exit access to the kayak when installing additional outfitting.